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Our Aim

IT360's A.I.M. is to provide businesses with comprehensive IT systems to streamline and simplify their IT, utilising the latest technology, multiple monitoring systems and friendly, efficient service, at an affordable price.


  • Through analysis and discussion we gain an understanding of our client’s business operations and their appropriate IT needs. We ask questions such as:

  • Does the client have an IT Strategy in place?

  • What is the client’s IT evolution or history?

  • What are the client’s business goals and expansion plans?

  • Does the client have the right technology for their business?

  • Does the existing technology have scalability?

  • Are there security breaches in their network?

  • Is there a security process in place, as opposed to a security product?

  • Is there a Disaster Recovery plan in place?

  • Are their connectivity solutions suitable?

  • Is the existing hardware in good health?

  • Is the existing software compliant and up to date?

  • Has the client considered the total cost of ownership versus short term savings?


  • Based on our assessment and discussions with our client, we design the appropriate IT environment.

  • Install or upgrade hardware, software and connectivity solutions where necessary or restructure existing infrastructure for increased efficiency

  • Implement monitoring and support systems as well as backup solutions

  • Educate employees on support procedures and IT policies


  • IT360 proactively monitors in real-time and maintains all systems to avoid serious technical errors. Monitoring allows us to:

  • Fix errors before they become critical

  • Prevent system and network abuse

  • Fine tune system performance, resulting in power savings

  • Perform asset management

  • Perform warranty and supply management

  • Continuously assess infrastructure health and advise when systems require upgrading or replacing

  • Firewall Management and Unified Threat Management (UTM) provide comprehensive network security to prevent unauthorised file downloads, security breaches, virus and website monitoring, and website blocking.

  • Reporting is a part of our maintenance and is available to clients at any time. Reporting keeps records of systems health, call logging and problem resolution rates. These reports provide a transparent and holistic view of an IT system. Reporting assists with regular reassessment of our client’s IT strategy.